Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Purchasing, Ordering, Installing, and not limited to, Picking your colors are solely based on your personal abilities.  We do not make guarantees on the installation other than a quality product that performs like promised.  Accidents and or Damages stemming from installing/placing a decal on your property is solely on you (purchaser or installer) and your responsibility.

Rule 2

We do not guarantee a delivery date and any date shown is simply a reference or general guideline.  

Rule 3

On most decals, the color/colors are chosen by the purchaser and considered custom.  We do not allow returns for deciding you (purchaser/gift recipient) "changed your mind", incorrectly installed or damaged the item.  B&M Expressions, LLC at our discretion will refund or exchange items based on a case by case basis.  We can not resell custom orders and therefore can not refund them.  Any decal or product that arrives damaged/defected or the incorrect item sent will be an exception to the zero return policy.